Thursday, March 6, 2008

Night Out

So I went out to Barnes and Noble tonight to get away from the house for a bit. Since I stay home with my kids, life can seem kinda dull some days. I've been sick all week and needed a little pick-me-up, so my wonderful husband allowed me some free time. I figured I'd get a hot tea, browse a little, and then enjoy the ambiance while I worked on a charity square. Well, I forgot my hook case, so the crocheting was out. Then I thought, "well, I'll just have to look around and see what there is to see!" What did I see? The crafting section! I spent the whole night reading about crochet instead of doing it. I found this really interesting looking book that I'm kicking myself for not writing down the name of. **Edit: This is the book! Its one of those that I plan to get someday** It was torn up pretty badly, and I was hoping they'd give me some discount for buying it, but the best they would do was 10% off. Not good enough for me! I was highly disappointed to see that as on the internet, knitting is still the main focus of media attention. There were relatively few crochet books compared to knit, and only 2 measly magazines versus the 7-8 knit! I did get my tea, and sipped it over a copy of the latest Interweave Crochet (I need a subscription to that one!). All-in-all a pleasant night out.


  1. That sounds like a nice evening. I know exactly what you mean. When my husband comes home I get to run some errands children free and so sometimes even that feels like a break. Glad you got some you time!

  2. So jealous of your evening out to the bookstore! It is so refreshing to skim crochet patterns and sip a coffee. To take a ferry off this island costs about $40 + gas so needless to say I don't get to a huge Barnes and Noble very often!
    I also get annoyed at the ratio of crochet to knitting patterns, but I guess they see from their profit margins that knitting books sell more than crochet books? I don't know, but I wish there was more of a selection!

  3. Isn't it wonderful to have a night to yourself? I'm not a SAHM (though I wish I was!) but I like to go to Borders (its closer) on my lunchbreak and browse for awhile. Its so relaxing!


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