Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Road Trip!

Our family took a very big trip to the western part of the US this summer.  Starting in Indiana, stopping in S. Dakota and Wyoming we hit Badlands National Park, Custer State Park, Yellowstone National Park, and Glacier National park.  We had one (very large) RV, and a truck pulling a pop-up camper to house my entire side of the family.  There were 12 of us in all!  It was an amazing time and a trip none of us will ever forget.  I thought you might enjoy a little glimpse into the trip.  I'm only sharing a very very small sampling of the numerous pics I took, but it will give you a feel for our experience.  Planning for, going on, and recovering from this trip took up almost our entire summer, so its about all I have to share from the last few months!

The Badlands

The intrepid explorers ready to go, complete with personalized water bottle carriers - the only craft I did in preparation for this trip!  (And no, I did not pose them!)

The whole crew checking out the fumeroles (minus myself and my youngest son who was riding on my back) - Yellowstone National Park

Fountain Geyser - Yellowstone National Park

 Buffalo in Yellowstone

Lower Falls - Yellowstone National Park

Forest Fires outside of Custer State Park

Someone's worn out from the heat

One of the MANY amazing views in Glacier National Park

Weeping Wall - Glacier National Park

The "big" boys trying to stay upright in strong winds

My sister and I

All the kids were great hikers!
My parents were great hikers too :)

Just one of the lush areas around Glacier.  Considering the drought we were experiencing in Indiana at the time, this was such a welcome sight!

Some of the beautiful wildflowers in the park - Glacier National Park

 The Cottonwood trees in bloom

Getting up-close and personal with a mountain goat!  Such beautiful creatures.