Tuesday, April 3, 2012


I am currently LOVING this spring weather!  Indiana has had the strangest spring I can remember.  The warmth started in about late February and has left us with an almost summer-like true spring.  My kids are on spring break this week and we are soaking up the sun and warmth as much as we can :)

I took my youngest to my parents property a few weeks ago to check out how spring was blooming.  While we were there I decided to document some of my favorite places on their property.  We explored the pond, the yard, and the barn.  I normally don't get a chance to get into the barn because I have my kids in tow and its not exactly the safest place, but having only one kiddo with me and the fact that he's still light enough to hold for long periods of time made it possible.

the eclectic collection of items inside the barn always makes me smile :)

Besides soaking in the sights and smells of spring I've also been keeping busy with a few orders.  The first was taking these piles of fabric and transforming them into a reversible blanket and pennant banner photo props.  I was super happy with how this set turned out!

Next was a little mouse hat set.  This set was for a little girl who's nickname is "Mouse" and her new baby brother :)

My son and I whipped up this stuffed elephant that will eventually be given to one of our friends' new babies, if we ever get to see him in person (crazy spring weather lead to crazy spring illness in our house!). 

Currently I'm working on a large order that will be included in a gift basket in a silent auction to benefit the county choir my mom sings in.  It is going to be an assortment of handmade goods made by myself and my sister.  We're hoping to draw a good bid for the basket and support this awesome group!