Saturday, March 22, 2008

Blog Contest Part 1 is over

Well, thanks to everyone who participated! For those who couldn't find the time to join in the fun, but are curious what the pattern produced, here's my original:

Its a rain cloud!

I was trying to come up with something appropriate for the weather in March in Indiana - and its RAIN. We've had a few nice days this month, but the majority of the time its been rainy and a little chilly.

I will announce the "random" winner at the same time as the "people's choice" winner. Since I only got a few entries, I would like to make sure that 2 people win, and not one! I'll choose the random winner out of all the entries, minus the people's choice. Keep your eyes out for the post containing all the entries and don't forget to vote for your favorite. You can call or text your vote to.... oh, wait, this isn't American Idol. Just look for the poll in my sidebar in the next day or so ;) I'll post when I do put them up!


  1. woowoo! can't wait to see the entries!

  2. I was wondering if you recieved my entry, I entered the contest on Wednesday March 12...I can forward you the email I originally sent if you would like...Thank you

  3. Wendy,

    No I didn't get your entry! Please forward the message again so you can be added! Sorry for the mixup and thanks for participating!


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