Friday, July 31, 2009

Sizzlin' Summer

I know I haven't been blogging much this summer. My kids and I are trying to soak up the last few days of sunshine and freedom before the real routine sets in again. My son will be in Kindergarten this year (my oldest is in school, yikes!), so once school starts my family will be tied to a routine every day for the first time since I was in school myself!

Another thing that has kept me from blogging is that I've had this amazing creative drive lately! It had been lacking for quite some time, but I feel like my mojo has finally returned. I've got about 15 new projects in my head and some are finally coming to fruition. Since I've been so productive I haven't felt like stopping long enough to type! I think I'm finally getting to a place where I have some idea of direction for my creativity - that's quite exciting!

Here's a snapshot of a couple of baby blankets I've been working on. There's things flying off my needles and hooks, but I'm enjoying a little time at the sewing machine too!

Both of these will be quilted in some fashion - backed with coordinating fabric and padded with batting in the middle.

I ordered new promotional stickers and tags and I'm working on a custom makeover for the blog and my Etsy site, so stop back soon to check out the new look!

Fair Update

Thanks for all the input on my fair submissions this year! I took all the opinions and narrowed down my photo choices to the four most popular that I could submit to 4 different categories (only one photo is allowed per category). Besides the photos, I submitted one knit and one crochet item. All of my submissions received blue ribbons - but, as I learned last year, blue ribbons do not a winner make at our local county fair. The true winners are the "Champion" and "Reserve Champion" ribbon winners. While I didn't get any of the big winners, my neighbor did receive two, so I was happy to see that!

Sunday, July 12, 2009


If I were an artist, I would be in my White Period. I have been having an itch to knit and do so exclusively with white/undyed yarn! I completed a modified feather and fan cloth last week to add to my growing collection of items to sell at an upcoming community event.

I also have been working on a Falling Water scarf. I just love the simplicity of the pattern (only an 8 row repeat) and how it is interesting and lacy without being girly. If you aren't a Ravelry member, you'll have to wait and see what I mean when I post some finished, blocked photos - un-blocked, this scarf is not that impressive as you can see below.