Saturday, December 20, 2008

Law Talk

I was catching up with a few friends' blogs the other day and came across a very interesting post by my friend Stephanie. After doing some more reading, I believe I understand correctly that the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) proposed a new law that was passed by Congress and will go into effect Feb 10, 2009. This new law, called the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA), was designed to lock down on the quality of products that are sold in the United States for children under the age of 12 - both apparel and toys. This is in response to the issues we had recently with imported goods from abroad containing lead and other hazardous substances. Starting in February, any items produced for children in this age range and sold within the United States will have to undergo stringent testing to ensure its safety, and be stamped with a non-removable label stating batch numbers and manufacturer.

So far, if you're like me, this probably sounds great! I'm all in favor of my children having the safest toys and clothing they can. The problem is that this new law is a broad and sweeping legislation that will not only affect large-scale manufacturers of toys and apparel for children both here and abroad, but it will affect EVERY person who produces a good that is sold for any amount that is marketed for children. This includes the small-business owner who owns a trendy children's boutique, the stay-at-home mom selling dolls on the Etsy to supplement her family's income, and the grandmother who knits baby hats to sell at craft fairs or the grandfather who makes wooden toys as his creative outlet. Every item sold within the United States who's end user is a child under 12 will fall under this new law. Not only that, any item produced before the Feb 10th date will automatically become illegal for sale within the United States unless it meets the testing and labeling requirements stated above. From what I can understand, the testing required would amount to around $500 per toy/clothing item produced (in my case, $500 to test all of the components used to make one type of burp cloth - fabric, thread, etc. If I want to change any of the components used, it would all have to be retested!)

I don't want to go crazy and make some sort of doomsday announcement, but this is something that affects me and many friends of mine. If this law is implemented as planned, it will make some of the items that I have for sale in my Etsy store illegal for sale as I simply couldn't afford the testing! I believe the government was in the right mindset when it passed this law - desiring to protect our innocent children. It is unfortunate that the consequences of this legislation for small-business owners were not considered before its passing. I'm not the type to pass on info that I have not thoroughly studied, and I'm sure I could do more research to better understand this new law, so I will let you form your own opinion on the matter. At the bottom of this post you'll find links to the sites that I went to to gather information. Also, if you feel moved to respond, you will find links in my sidebar and in this post that can help you learn how you can have an impact on this issue!

Information on the CPSIA law
The US Consumer Product and Safety Commission's site for the CPSIA law
CPSIA Central
Handmade Toy Alliance's proposal for the modification of the CPSIA

How you can act (in no particular order)
* Handmade Toy Alliance's suggestions
* Follow these 5 steps
* Send an email to the CPSC here (see form letter suggestion here)
* Petitions
2) (note: At some point this one asks you for money. If you just stop there and don't click "continue", your vote will still count)
* Post the "Save Handmade" button on your blog. Use this for the image. You can link it to wherever you want, I linked mine to the button's provider!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Wisp Scarf

I finished my Wisp, other than sewing on the buttons. I happened to have it with me when I was over at my sister's house and had her snap a few photos of it so I could post some. I am in photo withdrawal!

I really loved this pattern. It is light and warm all at the same time. It looks so beautiful after being blocked. Too bad its a Christmas present for someone else!

I posed the buttons I bought on the scarf to show you what it will look like when done, since I won't have camera access when I get it done. I chose simple shell buttons that are super light-weight so they won't weigh down this airy scarf, plus they have blue/green undertones that match the gorgeous color of this yarn.

I'm not sure if you can tell, but that central button has a flower engraved on it. Here's a closeup. I fell in love with this button and just had to put one on the scarf. JoAnn's only had 2 of the buttons, but I thought one gave it just the right touch.

Monday, December 8, 2008

No Photos Yet

My camera is still out of commission and I don't think I'll be getting a new one until Christmas, if then. So for now my blog will remain photoless. However, if you'd like to check out some amazing photos, you can head over to my other blog and see some great images of my trip to India. My friend Steve from the trip has a really nice camera and took some beautiful shots so, enjoy!

Monday, December 1, 2008

I'm back!

I am back from India and from my internet hiatus :) If you're interested in how my trip went, you can visit my other blog where I've posted a few photos. I plan to post some stories and slide shows of my trip over time, but for now I just put up a few of my favorite snapshots.

The trip was amazing, but I unfortunately blew my camera battery charger because my power converter didn't work right. So I may not be posting an photos of my projects any time soon. The camera had seen better days, so it may be time to get a new one - we'll see what Santa brings.

I did do a little needle work on the flights, but not as much as I would have hoped. I'm in the process of testing a zippered cabled knit preschooler jacket for a woman on Ravelry. On the flight I got both of the sleeves done. I'm also working on a Wisp scarf for a Christmas present. I'm using Gedifra Easy Soft - a laceweight brushed mohair. Its turning out lovely!

Friday, October 31, 2008


I decided yesterday that the internet is taking over my life! Not really, but I do seriously need to reduce the amount of browsing and reading and overall internet surfing I participate in. With my trip coming up I really want to spend this next week preparing my mind and spirit for what I will experience in India. I also want to take some serious time for reflection and reconnection with my family when I return. So I'm taking a hiatus from "the internets" until the end of November. I will miss all you lovely people, but I promise to check in with you and see what you've been up to after the end of the month! I will still be checking my email since this is the only way to be notified about my work stuff, so if you need me feel free to email, but otherwise I'll see you after Thanksgiving :)

I leave you with this parting photo to keep me in your hearts until my return!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


As I've alluded to before, I'm heading to India in less than 2 weeks! I have done a bunch of reading up on what kind of crafting items are allowed on the plane as I very much intend to use that 12+ hour flight to get some stuff done! I am fairly certain I'll be ok taking a set of bamboo circular needles, round-ended scissors, a crochet hook, and plastic cable and tapestry needles on the plane. I have a carrying case I usually use for my accessories, but I didn't want to have to take out everything not allowed on the plane just to carry this, so I decided to make a little pouch for my goodies.

Using scraps from other projects I fashioned this:

This is a shot of the inside before it was sewn together showing the strip for holding the hook, needles, and scissors and the little pocket for the small items like stitch markers and row counters, etc:

I kept in mind Christina's lesson about not wanting the sewing lines of the strip and pocket from the oustide, so I sewed those on before sewing the two layers together. Its not a perfect solution - I'm not a superb seamstress - and it would be much better with a zipper instead of a button closure, but I really like the colors and it will work just fine for what I need it for!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Personal Blog

Hey all :) Not sure if you're aware of it or not, but I have a personal blog where I post more family-related stuff instead of work/hobby related items. You're welcome to stop by there anytime. Check out today's post for some snapshots of my family's trip to the park on a beautiful autumn day!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I Love You, Doily

While looking for patterns for doilies for my mom I came across a pattern in a magazine I already had. I frequently forget about the pile of magazines I've accumulated in the last few years. With the ease of finding patterns online I hardly ever look in a book or magazine to find something I want to make. Since I've joined Ravelry I've been even worse about this. There's hardly a pattern you can find in a book that isn't listed in Rav's database. Part of the problem I have with using magazine patterns, at least crochet patterns, is that they're typically old-fashioned. In this case, however, that was a good thing. I mean I was making a doily for goodness sake!

This is the "I Love You Doily" from the Spring 2008 issue of Crochet! Magazine. It was kind of fun to work up and I actually liked mine better than the one in the magazine... maybe a first there :) There are supposedly hearts around the outside (between the pineapples), making it fit the theme of the title. I'm not sure I buy the heart idea, but its pretty regardless. This was part of the magazine's Mother's Day issue; one of the suggested gifts for a mom. Pretty fitting to give it to my mom, don't you think?

On a somewhat related note, I've finally discontinued my magazine subscriptions. Anything I want I can find online, or I can buy individual magazines if I really want a pattern. There are so many free patterns or independently published designs available online these days that its almost not worth having them on paper. I love that I can pick and choose, pay for the ones I like and print out the ones that need to be portable. Good for my budget - good for the environment :) I love sites like Ravelry and Etsy that bring designers right to you. If you haven't checked them out yet, they're a great source for inspiration!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Crabapple Butter

I took my first foray into making food out of something that grew in my yard last week! We have a lovely crabapple tree that grows in our front yard. In the spring it has these gorgeous white blossoms, and amazing bright red fruit by the fall. This year was an especially rainy spring and early summer in Indiana and our tree produced in abundance!

I had thought that crabapples were poisonous. I'm not sure where I picked that up, but it was wrong... they're just really tart, so most people don't eat them. Plus, many - like the ones on my tree - are tiny. I originally considered it too much work to do anything with them. However, after pruning the tree and seeing all that beautiful fruit falling on the ground, I decided I just had to do something. So I stripped all the fruit from the pruned branches and washed them up. From just a few small branches I got enough good fruit to fill up a large mixing bowl.

After de-stemming the fruit, I used this recipe (scaled down to fit my harvest size) to make some delicious crabapple butter. First you boil the crabapples in a small amount of water. Then you press the soft fruit through a mesh strainer to remove the seeds.

Next you add your spices and sweetner and heat it slowly to make it thicker. The finished product is this gorgeous bright red "butter". It was a little tart to my tastes, so I added some extra sugar, but overall it was a great recipe! It was time-intensive, but I kinda felt like a pioneer woman - reaping the fruit of the land :) Everyone in my family enjoyed it except my son. But he's kinda picky. We ate it on warm buttered toast with our dinner. A nice little side dish.

I froze the extras in small 1/2 cup servings so that we can thaw out a little at a time and it won't go bad while we're trying to use it up. Its got a very intense flavor, so its not something I'd use in large quantities. Overall, it was a fun week-day experiment. This recipe could easily be altered to give you crabapple sauce instead of butter. I think you'd just add some more water (and maybe more sugar)to get it to be applesauce consistency.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Krochet Kids

Early this spring I was investigating the idea of starting my own business. I was looking into the idea that it might be possible to use my love of all things yarny to support my family and make an impact in the world. I had a vision that either the items I made or the money I earned could be put to a better use than lining my pockets, but I didn't know what that was. I came across an organization called Krochet Kids International that was doing something very cool... something much like what I'd like to do!

KKI works in Uganda to teach skills to women vulnerable to poverty and disease. First they are taught to crochet. The items they make can be sold for a profit which gives them a sustainable source of income when they graduate from the program. They are also taught personal budgeting, financial saving, and small business management, with the hope being that the skills they are given will provide them the ability to build a small business of their own handiwork to provide for their families.

The women who are currently a part of the program are all single mothers or balancing the running of their own households and their extended families' as well. They are women who have been displaced and, in many cases, orphaned by war. They are women who live lives in conditions that many of us can not imagine even exist. They are women who love God, love their families, and love their country. They are women just like you, or your mother, or your sister, or your wife.

So how does this impact you? In the words of Pamela, one of the women who is a part of KKI's program, "I want the American people to love us and they should pray for us as well so that we have peace in Northern Uganda." In addition to loving and praying for these women, you can also invest in their lives in a tangible way. KKI has a store that sells actual items these women make. Each hat is handmade by one of the 10 women currently involved in the program. Each hat is a piece of a woman's life. Each stitch is made with love and a hope that their circumstances can change. I know many of you have made the commitment to have a "handmade Christmas" - where all the gifts you give are handmade by you or someone else - why not add a Krochet Kids hat to your gift giving this year? You will not only be giving to the recipient of the hat, you will be giving to the lives of women who have a much greater need than many of us can imagine! If you don't want to purchase a hat, check out their site for other ways to get involved!

"How does my purchase support these women?" you ask. The woman who are a part of KKI are given a salary for making the hats. Your purchase supports the mission of Krochet Kids International, making it possible for them to provide the salary for the women and expand their programs to include more women in the future. "Proceeds from hat sales are infused back into the very communities from which they came in order to promote further development and aid in Northern Uganda. We seek to aid the continued efforts of education, healthcare, and clean water through the work of various local organizations." (from the KKI website)

Disclaimer: I do not work for (nor was I solicited for promotion from) Krochet Kids International. I honestly believe in this 501(c)(3) non-profit Christian organization and its impact on the lives of the Ugandan women. In my opinion this organization is a great model for how we can use our giftings to promote health and hope around the world! All of the information I have presented here comes from their website (much of it from this page). I cannot verify how the funds of your purchase impact the global community. Instead I am going on faith that this program is legit and does what it claims to do. Please read the story of how KKI got started and form your own opinion before making any purchases.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Second Set Syndrome

So you all may have heard of the Second Sock Syndrome (not wanting to finish/start the second sock after you make the first). I have Second Set Syndrome. I have almost finished the first of 2 mittens in my second set of Fiddleheads. I just can't motivate myself! I am almost forcing myself to sit down and knit to "get it over with". I love the pattern I'm using (substituted charts from this Ravelry page instead of the standard charts), I love the yarn, I still love to knit, but I'm just not into it. Part of the problem is that I just have a ton going on right now and I have this ridiculous cold that makes me want to sleep all the time. Like literally, I'm tired by noon (and I'm 98% certain its not mono, I can still function!). Anyway, I thought posting some pics on here might get me motivated to get the second one done.

All I have are photos of the outer shell of the first mitten. I'm about done with the lining of the first and I have the first third of the second mitten done as well. I REALLY want them done before I leave for India so that I don't have any pressure when I return!

And just for fun, here's a cute pic of my family on our trip to the Indiana Dunes on Labor Day. Aren't I a lucky woman??!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Oriental Fantasy Doily

My mom has been decorating mine and my siblings old rooms with heirloom photos of our extended family. Many are beautiful original black and white portraits and snapshots. Well, she decided that all of the hard frames on wooden desks/tables/dressers was just too "hard" and she wanted to soften them up with some doilies - guess who she asked to make them ;)

I have been on a little break from crochet as I've been super involved with knitting (and planning a trip to India) lately. I had forgotten a little bit how much I LOVE to crochet. Once I got a few patterns and the thread picked out and started, I just couldn't stop! I made the first one in less than 24 hours and have already started on the second. Unfortunately I've only got pictures of the Oriental Fantasy Doily when I had it pinned out to dry. I will add some more photos when I get some. I completed rows 1-12 and then did the edging, adjusting it to be the smaller diameter I was going for.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Yet Another Cowboy Hat

I recently contacted a few photographer friends of mine to see if they were interested in some custom pieces (hats and the like) for props for their photography. A couple of them had asked me about the possibility before, so I wasn't making unsolicited requests! One of the girls saw the baby cowboy hat and really wanted one. While this still isn't my favorite pattern to make, it seems to be a crowd pleaser. She wanted it sized to 3-4T. I sort of did a combination of the previous baby cowboy hat pattern and the Yeehaw Lady from SnB Crochet book. Its made from 100% worsted weight cotton, held double and an H hook. I think it turned out very nice, but I didn't get great pictures of it. Maybe when my friend uses it she'll let me use one of the images... ?

Heads up Mommies!

If you are a mom or know someone who is (is it possible for a person to NOT know a mom?), I am having a contest on my personal blog this week that will give you a chance to win a super-great book! All you have to do is leave a comment on one of the days I post this week. See it here!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Fiddlehead Mittens

I am still trying to expand my repertoire of knitting skills, so I thought the Fiddlehead Mittens from Hello Yarn would be a fun project to learn color work. I figured it was a small enough project that it would be hard to get too lost on the chart, and I probably wouldn't give up before I was done. Plus its just a beautiful pattern! I was so pleased with them even after the first few inches! I love the i-cord cast on, a definite new favorite skill.  

I have seen many examples of these mittens and each one is beautiful and unique.  I love that no matter what yarn you use, the color combos just can't go bad (I mean I'm sure you could make it bad if you tried hard enough!).  I ended up going with Cascade 200 Superwash, by suggestion from my LYS owner.  She was SO helpful since I'm still new at picking yarn that will work with a pattern, not against it.  I really enjoyed the bright color of the Superwash Paints that I used for the contrast and the deep gray of the main color.  They are a great combo that just doesn't phtograph well.  I didn't want to use the bright pink as the lining because I thought it would just be too glaring, but the orange color seemed subtle enough to stand out without making you want to avert your eyes.

What can I say? I loved this project.... and I hated it! I loved the yarn, I loved the pattern, I loved the color work, I hated the lining... I hated how long it took. I am so impatient! And apparently when I do color work I knit tight, and when I don't I knit loose - thus the lining was very frustrating to me since it got all bunchy inside the mitten.  I ended up altering the decreases for the top of the lining to match the decreases on the outer mitten instead of a regularly spaced decrease as suggested in the pattern.  I could not stand the lining having any bumps.  They ended up between my fingers and just felt odd!  So I am so happy that I can finally say "I'm done!"  This pair is going to a relative for Chrismas.  I have plans to make another pair, altering the colorwork pattern with a modified free motif I found (link here if you're interested).  I may have just finished one pair today, but I can't wait to cast on the next!  If that's not a sign of a good pattern, I don't know what is!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

In a League of My Own

So I decided to enter a few things in the local county fair's Home and Family Arts Show this year. Not knowing what the competition would be like I thought I'd enter one knit and one crochet item. I entered my original JoJo that I made for my daughter for Christmas and the Vineyard washcloth, my first continental knitting project. To my amazement... both won first place in their category! The thrill, however, was slightly offset by the fact that I was the only entrant in both categories. Hah! It was still fun, and I may enter again next year. The "real" competition was for the Best of Show ribbons, which I did not win. Its not too bad of a showing considering I decided to enter something the week of and used stuff that was already sitting around the house. Next year I may go for something that took a little more effort - if I have the time! So, without further ado... here are my two blue ribbons, proving I'm the best me I can be :)

Oh, and I forgot to mention. The only thing that irked me about the whole thing was the judges comment that the edges of my washcloth were "a little wobbly". Now correct me if I'm wrong, y'all, but isn't lace supposed to have a contoured edge? I mean seriously, I blocked the thing, but you can't go against what the fiber is doing.... Can I get an "amen!"??

Monday, August 25, 2008


I just mailed off a gift for a friend who moved to Oregon this month as a part of a church plant through our church. I don't know what the winter weather is like near Portland, but I figured a girl's got to have a stylish way to keep her head warm, don't you think?!

I had seen the Calorimetry pattern when I first joined Ravelry, and vowed to knit it. My friend reminds me some what of the girl in the pattern photos on Knitty, so I figured it was meant to be! I used the recommended yarn, Filatura di Crosa 127 Print (I used color #33). I LOVED this yarn! It was a 100% wool single-ply worsted weight yarn. The base color was a dark grey-blue with these surprisingly bright and beautiful small sections of colors. All the colors of the rainbow it seemed! Its perfect to go with just about anything.

The yarn had a lot of stretch to it, but also lots of "memory" so it shouldn't stretch out too much with wear. I should have done a little more reading before casting on for this one, as it seems everyone else had the same issue I did with the pattern, it came out WAY too big! But, I figured, more wool-more warmth, and doesn't my friend deserve the best anyway? So I just attached an extra button to make the whole thing very adjustable and called it a day.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

JoJo Blanket Pattern

This darling blanket is just the right size to use as a changing pad for a newborn, play mat for an older baby, and a toddler's "blankie". The texture and shapes are sure to hold a child's attention, while the drape of the material is soft and cozy. This pattern was made to go along with my JoJo the Giraffe amigurumi pattern. Make them both and give them together as the perfect baby shower gift or as a Christmas present to your favorite toddler!

The JoJo Blanket pattern consists of a chart for the body of the blanket, an edging pattern, and tips on making the blanket using your choice of either Tunisian or single crochet. The listed photos show the finished product using Tunisian crochet technique. The pattern has been tested by several independent testers to insure quality and clarity.

*Click link for pattern to JoJo the Giraffe*

Monday, August 11, 2008

Happy Birthday, Baby!

My nephew recently celebrated his 1st birthday. This little bundle was a surprise to the whole family, coming 10 years behind his older brother! He has been a blessing to the whole family too - one more grandson for my parents to enjoy, a completion of the family my sister always wanted, and the 3rd baby I'd love to have had if not for my terrible pregnancies! I have the pleasure of taking care of him while my sister is working, and as the typical fiber lover I had to make a few things for his big day!

The first is the Child's Striped Cap from Hooked on Crochet. I modified it to have only one stripe set.

The second is another Dino Hat. Again, there's no real pattern for the hat, but the dinosaur appliqué pattern is from Crochetville. My sister has informed me that he'll be sporting one or both on their trip overseas this winter. She said he'd be easy to spot with his little red head bobbing through the crowds in Rome!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Baby Owl


This is my newest creation! I made this baby owl to go along with some burp cloths I plan to sell on Etsy. I figured that having a little baby rattle to go along with them might make the items stand out from the crowd (there are lots of burp cloths for sale on Etsy!)

I had so much fun trying to translate the cute little owlets from the fabric into a 3-D ami... and he turned out just how I wanted!

I love everything about him, right down to his round belly and little toes!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Blog Review - Cocoa Cream's Craft Closet

Today we're exploring the world of Cocoa Cream's Craft Closet. Cocoa is a crochet aficionado, photographer, seamstress, and designer. Her blog shows off her finished projects, patterns, photos, tutorials, and her lovable kitties (along with other, general, life-stuff). We're focusing on the crochet side of her blog today, but be sure to check it all out for inspiration in other areas!

Cocoa has a long-time love for crochet. She often uses her talents to produce gifts for family and friends, while still working on a thing or two for herself! She doesn't have a huge repertoire of patterns available to the public, but the patterns Cocoa has posted on her blog are all beautiful!

Below you will find Cocoa's email interview.

How long have you been crocheting?
I started crocheting when I was about 13, so I guess that would be 14 years ago now. My grandmother taught me how to crochet rugs using a hand-carved wooden hook and strips of old material sewn together. I didn't begin crocheting with yarn until college when a friend taught me how to make a scarf. After that, I just started teaching myself basic stitches using old pattern books my mother had.

What's the project you're most proud of?
Hmmm...that's a tough one! I am very proud of the first wearable I made, a Circle Jacket from Caron designed by Doris Chan. It was a big step for me to go beyond the basic rectangles and circles and make something lacy and feminine to wear.

What's your favorite thing about crochet?
I love the forgiving nature of crochet. I am a huge perfectionist, so if I can see a mistake in something I made I feel very frustrated. When I crochet, even if I miss a stitch or misread part of a pattern, the finished product usually still looks great. And if the mistake is too obvious to go on, it's easy to just frog back to the mistake and fix it!

What type of projects do you enjoy working on the most?
I really enjoy making things for other people. Whether it be baby afghans, hats, scarves, or kitchen sets...I just get the most gratification out of making things to give as gifts. I seem to have more motivation to finish a project when it's a gift, too, which helps me crochet more quickly!

What's your favorite design you've ever created?
I think it would have to be shawl/wrap I designed for a craft bazaar a couple of years ago. It was a simple design, but it turned out looking so elegant and feminine that I didn't want to part with it!

How do you go about designing?
I usually design things out of necessity. It starts with a specific project I have in mind, and I begin searching the internet for pattern to fit my idea. When I don't find what I'm looking for, I often go to my stitch pattern books, looking for inspiration. Once I have decided what stitch pattern and colors I want to use, I just start crocheting what's in my head. Sometimes I write out what I'm doing as I go so that I can post a pattern for it later, and other tim
es I just shoot for the final product. I'm not very organized or professional about how I design things, no charts or graphs or anything like that. I just go where ever inspiration leads!

What else are you interested in?
I also enjoy other crafts besides crochet, such as sewing, embroidery and paper projects. Cooking is become more of a hobby for me since I quit my job to be a full-time housewife. I also enjoy blogging, obviously, and exploring on the internet. Music is a huge part of my was my major in college, and my husband is the full-time Music Minister of our church. I love to sing, and I also play the piano and clarinet. My faith is the center of my life, so I am very involved in my church, not only in the music program, but women's Bible studies as well. I also love working with children, so I'll probably be getting plugged into our children's ministry soon, as well!

Is there anything else you want people to know about you?
Not much, oh, except that my three kittens Molly, Max and Maggie want to say "hi." They will probably be trying to take over my blog any day now, so watch out!

Thanks to Cocoa for joining the Blog Review!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Fourth of July Giftset

My mom has a co-worker getting married this weekend. With its close proximity to Independence Day and my mom already giving a grilling gift basket, she thought some Fourth of July themed handmade items would be a good finishing touch. Mom provided me with some Lion Brand solid red and blue and white variegated cotton yarn and these were my final products. I used all free patterns (hot pad, oven mitt, dishcloth) except the star on the hot pad (improvised!). I always love coming back to these easy and quickly satisfying types of projects.


So I know I've been a little lazy with my blog lately. I somehow find it difficult to balance, producing objects, trying to be creative, and actually reporting on my progress all within the small amount of time I have to do all that each day! I have been busy behind the scenes working on several things. I'll try to get them up here and on Ravelry to prove I've not been just lounging around enjoying my summer (ok, I've been doing a lot of that too!)

Oh, and if you are of the creative persuasion and want to join in some fun, I'm going to be participating with my friend Christin in her new collaborative effort called InJoy! I plan to InJoy every minute of it! (sorry, I just couldn't help myself. I can hear the groans from here)

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Little Turtle

I made this little guy a few weeks ago for my son. I find it difficult to think of things to make for him, being a boy and all, and I finally hit on an idea I thought he'd appreciate. His new favorite color of the moment was green, and I had some camo yarn lying around. Thinking of what to make with camo yarn that wasn't war-related (he's only 4, you know, I'm trying to preserve innocence here!) I thought a turtle would be a good fit.

I did some double crochet shells in the round for the shell of the turtle, and a single crochet oval shape for the belly, all in camo. Then I made a head, four matching legs, and a triangle for a tail in the green leftover from making Marky. I thought he turned out pretty cute! My son liked him a lot.... for about 5 minutes, then went back to playing with his other toys. Now you know the other reason I hardly ever make things for him! My daughter has pretty much adopted him since that time. Go figure!