Thursday, August 20, 2009

Baby Blue Bird

The blue bird is one of my favorite birds. I love the bright color that is so visible and unique to the animal world. When I came across some darling blue bird flannel, I knew that my next baby bird project had to be blue!

I'm working on a third baby bird and then I'll be selling the pattern for it and the other two: owl and blue bird as a set. Each bird has unique parts, which when mixed and matched will allow you to create your very own unique baby birdy!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Ooh Baby, Baby!

Finished up my friend's baby blanket last week. I was so pleased with how it turned out. Doing the brown binding was tricky, but once i got the hang of it it wasn't so bad! Now i just have to get myself over to visit the new little one :)

Monday, August 10, 2009

Garden Explosion!

A few weeks back, my garden began to push up against the fence, and then it decided it could no longer be contained. It went from this:

to this:

in a matter of so many months.

My sugar snap pea crop is almost done, and the green beans have petered out. Now we're right in the thick of tomato season, and boy are we pulling in a harvest! I think I pick about a pint of "jellybean" tomatoes every other day or so. Imagine the sweetest, fleshy tomato you can get, just the right size to pop in your mouth. mmmm we're eating good around here! And they just won't stop! I see new tomatoes and new blooms every day. These are definitely on my list to plant next year.

There's a bit of broccoli, but I've learned that broccoli is not a hot summer kinda plant - looks like I should have planted and harvested in the early spring. I am getting tiny heads though, just enough to enjoy alongside a ham sandwich while sipping lemonade on the back porch.

And today I finally harvested my first cantaloupe! These suckers are the gargantuan vines you see forcing their way through the fence. They are good escape artists, and one is actually successfully growing outside the garden! They are still producing babies too, which means we'll be eating cantaloupe for a while.


It all started with this button I found in a neighbor's button stash:

This button *needed* to be a part of a flower:

This flower *needed* a gray hat (with a coordinating lining, and be reversible, of course!):

They all *needed* to be photographed together on a beautiful, hot, summer afternoon:

This hat *needs* a little girl to wear it! Its still waiting for its intended recipient. Its her birthday this weekend, and she doesn't know she's getting my newest project :)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

New Look

Thanks to MAU Promotions, who provided my newest promotional items, I have created a new theme for the blog and my Etsy site. I hope you like the colors and textures as much as I do!