Monday, September 19, 2011

Playing Catch-up

Whew, I knew it was coming.... I'm rolling in hat orders right now!  September is the time people start thinking about looking cute in the warm weather, and I don't blame them.  One of my favorite things to do is pull out all of my sweaters, scarves and hats and accessorize at the morning bus stop!  I have worked on quite a few things over the past few weeks, but here are a few of my favorites:

First is a set of 3 hats for a newborn boy, and 3 & 5 yr old girls.  Their mom wanted them all to have coordinating hats, but for each to be unique.  We went back and forth with ideas on colors and styles and came up with these.  I'm so pleased how they turned out and I can't wait to see how their family photoshoot turns out!

I had tons of fun working up these fall-color teacher totes!  I love how they have fall/Halloween colors while still being cute and trendy :)

My daughter went gaga over this sweet red and white Kitty Hat and I'm pretty sure she'll be bummed if there's not one of these in her stocking this Christmas.

Another fun hat was this dino newborn photo prop.  It was a special request by the winner of my 200 Fan Giveaway on the Knits and Knots Facebook page!  I hope she'll send me a pic of her sweet boy in it when he's born :)

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Sudden Change

This saturday it was 100 degrees F at 5:30 pm.  I spent the morning and early afternoon convincing my 3 children that yes, we did indeed have to be out in the heat for my oldest son's football game, and no, we could not leave and go have ice cream during one of the breaks.   As I sat sweltering in the unrelenting sun I remember thinking "I'm so glad I'm not out on the field!" and then feeling guilty for making him stick it out.  However, it was a good lesson for us all:  don't give up just because you're uncomfortable.  Must internalize this one for myself!

Fast forward 48 hrs and the high on Monday was 66!  The air is crisp, clean and so very fall-like.  I LOVE it!  I put on a favorite hoodie, a pair of sweatpants and enjoyed the cooler temps.  Another lesson to internalize - nothing lasts forever, and things can change in an instant.  I have had so many friends who have had very difficult circumstances pop up in their lives unexpectedly recently.  Sometimes its hard to see how you're going to make it through something that seems never ending and dire, but just as quickly as life has changed for the worse it can go right back to the good.  One dear friend has been struggling with the unexpected health concerns of her newborn baby, and she has said multiple times that she has been putting her hope in the never-changing God of the universe instead of on the ever-changing health of her son.  Wise, wise words.  I intend to dwell on these as well.

Monday was Labor Day here in the US and my husband and I decided that the best way to use our extra weekend day was to take advantage of the great weather and figure out a solution for the craziness in our oldest 2 kids' room.  This is how the room looks regularly - dollhouse toys and legos in one crazy mess.  Tiny pieces buried in the thick carpet.  Children fighting for space for "their" things.

My husband's solution was to create two play tables (similar to a train table), one for each activity.  5 2x4s, one piece of 1/2" MDF, a few nuts and bolts, and a little bit of time created a fabulous solution!  The kids had a blast "helping" daddy measure and cut.  We had to send them inside after a while though, the started getting a little too "helpful" and moving tools on us.

While Matt was building I was cleaning and organizing the kids room - a long overdue project.  I had to remind myself over and over again "don't give up just because you're uncomfortable".  It was worth the effort in the end.

The tables perform a vital function - they keep all the tiny pieces contained on the table (there's a small lip to keep them from rolling off) and they allow room for the kids to build or play and for storage underneath.  We weren't the only ones pleased with the outcome.  The room can now accommodate 4 kids very comfortably (although our youngest isn't really allowed to play in there because he still puts everything in his mouth).