Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Easter Shrug - Pattern Now Available!

My daughter and I made an un-accompanied visit to Walmart this week. As we strolled past the baby section, the Easter dresses made me halt in my tracks! Now in the past, Anna has received dresses that were appropriate for Easter well in advance of the holiday, but not this year. I resisted the urge to buy the frilliest, girliest dress I found. Instead, we went for a less expensive one that I thought she might actually wear again. For some reason, every single Easter dress there was short-sleeved, even though its usually less than 50 degrees here on Easter day! Since I've been on such a crochet kick I figured I'd make my little girl a sweater to cover up her bare arms, and this is what I came up with:

Fortunately, as you can see below, the shrug looks much better on than off! I have never made (or worn) a shrug before, so I was concerned about this "tube" I was making for my daughter, but she looked so adorable in it. Its scary how much older she looked in this "grown-up" piece! She's only 2 1/2!!! I think part of it is the dress - which almost gives her the appearance of a "bust". YIKES! I'm certainly not ready for that!

You can now find this pattern on Etsy or Ravelry!


  1. How adorable! The pink dress looks so pretty and would definitely work for non-Easer occasions. That's so great that you designed the shrug yourself!

  2. That is adorable! Hmm... that is a great idea for all those springy dresses that are sold here in snow country. What a great job!

  3. Awww, she's so cute in her Easter dress! The shawl goes with it wonderfully!

  4. Lovely outfit!
    She'll make a very good model for girl clothes and accessories :)

  5. What a beautiful shrug! I really, really want to crochet a shrug for myself, but haven't worked up the courage yet - I'm a timid crocheter, LOL! Walmart does have beautiful little girls' clothes, and I used to find some great clothes for my daughter there (she's 10 now) when she was little, but their selection of little boys' clothes is so lacking in comparision (my son is 5, and I could never really find any nice clothes for him at Walmart).


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