Sunday, March 9, 2008

7 Random Things About Me

After doing all my blog reviews recently, I thought this would be a fun way to let you all know more about me!

Laura tagged me!

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So here are 7 random things about me:

1. I play hand percussion at my church once a month. The instruments include djembe, congas, and all manner of auxiliary percussion. I also have a hammered dulcimer that my husband gave me for Christmas the year before we got married, which I play much less frequently than I'd like to!

2. I can make my tongue into the shape of a clover. I thought about posting a photo, but I really don't want that to go floating around in cyberspace.... its not that pretty of a picture!

3. I had hyperemesis gravidarum with both of my pregnancies, which made me extremely ill. It is the reason my husband and I only have 2 children. It is also the reason that saltine crackers and Sprite were completely unappealing to me for about 2 years after my 2nd baby was born! (check out the website for more info on HG)

4. I participated in local theater and musical groups as a child, playing roles like: Gretel VonTrapp in The Sound of Music, a sheep in Charlott's Web, and a singing flower in The Wizard of Oz. I also sang in the Indianapolis Children's Choir for about 1 year till my parents finally got the hint that I hated it!

5. My husband and I visited Europe after we got married where in one week we visited: London, England; Paris, France; Freiburg, Germany; Paris again; Madrid, Spain; Paris again; London again. Needless to say, it was a whirlwind trip! My brother was living in Freiburg at the time and my husband's brother was in Madrid. They were both about to come home, so it was our last chance to visit. After having just taken a week off for our honeymoon a few months earlier, it was all the time we could take! This is a photo of us in front of Notre Dame, in Paris. Do you see the carefree look on our faces?! This is BEFORE traveling with children!

That is also where we found this sign:

We couldn't for the life of us understand what it meant, so we assumed it meant "No tall men holding hands with short women", which was understandably disappointing for us considering my husband is 6'4" and I'm only 5'3".

6. I love to read. I lived across the street from a library growing up, and there were no kids around to play with besides my older brother, who got sick of my some days, so I spent many many hours reading. One summer, I think I read every single book in our library's young-adult reader section that appealed to me. I still to this day would rather sit down and read a young-adult fiction book than just about any book geared for adults. There's something innocent about them that you don't find typically in adult fiction. Well, maybe crochet books might be taking over my reading at this point, but as I crochet I've been listening to audio books - mostly young-adult!

7. Ok, last one... this was harder than I thought it would be, I don't think there's that much interesting about me! Oh, here's something interesting: I took a scientific glassblowing class in college where I learned to make all manner of scientific glass, like what you would use in a laboratory (I was a Chemistry major). It was probably my FAVORITE class of my entire education! Our instructor was awesome. He let us play around with glass blowing after we got our assignments done, and he even made the cake topper for my wedding!

I'm tagging the following 7 people:
Matt, Relynn, Heather, Susan, Joanna, Stacie, Carol


  1. I've been to Notre Same too. Isn't is great! Out tour guide told us one of the gargoyles was made to look like the architechts mother in law, haha!

  2. Wow sounds neat to me. I too have a tall hubby and I am short. That is a weird sign wonder what it meant?


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