Friday, March 21, 2008

Blog Review - A Little Something Different

Well, it finally happened, after a mere 5 weeks of doing my "weekly" blog review, I just can't get one done this week. I've been super busy trying to get patterns together for my girl's shrug and JoJo blanket. That, coupled with going back to watching my nephew full-time during the week and some other personally time-consuming things, just made this week's review impossible to get done!

I was thinking of what to do instead and, remembering it was Good Friday, I thought I would do something a little different. I'll give you a review of the life of Jesus, whom we honor in this season for his Life, Death, and Resurrection!

Then Peter began to speak: “I now realize how true it is that God does not show favoritism but accepts men from every nation who fear him and do what is right. You know the message God sent to the people of Israel, telling the good news of peace through Jesus Christ, who is Lord of all. You know what has happened throughout Judea, beginning in Galilee after the baptism that John preached—how God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Spirit and power, and how he went around doing good and healing all who were under the power of the devil, because God was with him.
“We are witnesses of everything he did in the country of the Jews and in Jerusalem. They killed him by hanging him on a tree, but God raised him from the dead on the third day and caused him to be seen. He was not seen by all the people, but by witnesses whom God had already chosen—by us who ate and drank with him after he rose from the dead. He commanded us to preach to the people and to testify that he is the one whom God appointed as judge of the living and the dead. All the prophets testify about him that everyone who believes in him receives forgiveness of sins through his name.”
—Acts 10:34-43, NIV- emphasis mine

Jesus is Risen!
He is Risen, indeed!

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  1. Our Lord and Savior is risen!! Amen!

    Thanks be to GOd!


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