Thursday, May 10, 2012

Sandals and Headbands and Auctions, Oh My!

**warning, this post is loaded with photos**

I mentioned in my last post that I was working on a large order for a silent auction.  I finally got all of the items finished up last month and took my family over to my parents for a quick photoshoot so that my mom could include the pictures in the auction's website.  We unfortunately picked a rainy day, but with careful location choice we were able to get some nice photos of the items.

All the items together.

Striped Tote Bag

Coffee Cup Cozies

Earflap Hat

Earflap Hat and matching Flower Clip

Earflap Hat with Flower Clip

Father and Son Beard Hat set

Beard Hat without the beard :)

Mother and Daughter Swirl Hat and Scarf set

Girl's Swirl Hat and Scarf set

Along with the auction items I had a few orders of these amazing Baby Gladiator Sandals.  A friend requested a pair for a baby shower gift and as soon as I saw the pattern I was in love!  They work up very nicely and the pattern is well-written.  I worked up a little Rouched Headband and Flower Clip to round out the gift set.  That is gonna be one well-coordinated newborn :)

I was lucky to have a second order of the sandals shortly thereafter so I got to see how cute they were in other colors.  The second set was made to coordinate with a sweet little baby romper from Target and I had so much fun finding perfectly matching yarn and fabric for the sandals and little flower embellishment.

While I don't have any orders on my ticket at the moment I'm using what free time I have to build up a stock of items for a craft fair this December;

 cleaning and fixing up our new home-away-from-home;

attending photography workshops (this time for newborn photography - its a great way to learn how photo props are put into use);

and spending lots of time with my family!  I love staying busy yet still having that all-important family time.