Sunday, June 29, 2008

Little Turtle

I made this little guy a few weeks ago for my son. I find it difficult to think of things to make for him, being a boy and all, and I finally hit on an idea I thought he'd appreciate. His new favorite color of the moment was green, and I had some camo yarn lying around. Thinking of what to make with camo yarn that wasn't war-related (he's only 4, you know, I'm trying to preserve innocence here!) I thought a turtle would be a good fit.

I did some double crochet shells in the round for the shell of the turtle, and a single crochet oval shape for the belly, all in camo. Then I made a head, four matching legs, and a triangle for a tail in the green leftover from making Marky. I thought he turned out pretty cute! My son liked him a lot.... for about 5 minutes, then went back to playing with his other toys. Now you know the other reason I hardly ever make things for him! My daughter has pretty much adopted him since that time. Go figure!


  1. Bys are so fickle. I love the turtle. He's adorable.

  2. This is so cute!!!

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