Monday, September 15, 2008

Yet Another Cowboy Hat

I recently contacted a few photographer friends of mine to see if they were interested in some custom pieces (hats and the like) for props for their photography. A couple of them had asked me about the possibility before, so I wasn't making unsolicited requests! One of the girls saw the baby cowboy hat and really wanted one. While this still isn't my favorite pattern to make, it seems to be a crowd pleaser. She wanted it sized to 3-4T. I sort of did a combination of the previous baby cowboy hat pattern and the Yeehaw Lady from SnB Crochet book. Its made from 100% worsted weight cotton, held double and an H hook. I think it turned out very nice, but I didn't get great pictures of it. Maybe when my friend uses it she'll let me use one of the images... ?

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