Monday, September 29, 2008

Oriental Fantasy Doily

My mom has been decorating mine and my siblings old rooms with heirloom photos of our extended family. Many are beautiful original black and white portraits and snapshots. Well, she decided that all of the hard frames on wooden desks/tables/dressers was just too "hard" and she wanted to soften them up with some doilies - guess who she asked to make them ;)

I have been on a little break from crochet as I've been super involved with knitting (and planning a trip to India) lately. I had forgotten a little bit how much I LOVE to crochet. Once I got a few patterns and the thread picked out and started, I just couldn't stop! I made the first one in less than 24 hours and have already started on the second. Unfortunately I've only got pictures of the Oriental Fantasy Doily when I had it pinned out to dry. I will add some more photos when I get some. I completed rows 1-12 and then did the edging, adjusting it to be the smaller diameter I was going for.


  1. The doily is gorgeous! It must be so nice to know your mom appreciates your crochet!


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