Tuesday, October 28, 2008


As I've alluded to before, I'm heading to India in less than 2 weeks! I have done a bunch of reading up on what kind of crafting items are allowed on the plane as I very much intend to use that 12+ hour flight to get some stuff done! I am fairly certain I'll be ok taking a set of bamboo circular needles, round-ended scissors, a crochet hook, and plastic cable and tapestry needles on the plane. I have a carrying case I usually use for my accessories, but I didn't want to have to take out everything not allowed on the plane just to carry this, so I decided to make a little pouch for my goodies.

Using scraps from other projects I fashioned this:

This is a shot of the inside before it was sewn together showing the strip for holding the hook, needles, and scissors and the little pocket for the small items like stitch markers and row counters, etc:

I kept in mind Christina's lesson about not wanting the sewing lines of the strip and pocket from the oustide, so I sewed those on before sewing the two layers together. Its not a perfect solution - I'm not a superb seamstress - and it would be much better with a zipper instead of a button closure, but I really like the colors and it will work just fine for what I need it for!

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