Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I Love You, Doily

While looking for patterns for doilies for my mom I came across a pattern in a magazine I already had. I frequently forget about the pile of magazines I've accumulated in the last few years. With the ease of finding patterns online I hardly ever look in a book or magazine to find something I want to make. Since I've joined Ravelry I've been even worse about this. There's hardly a pattern you can find in a book that isn't listed in Rav's database. Part of the problem I have with using magazine patterns, at least crochet patterns, is that they're typically old-fashioned. In this case, however, that was a good thing. I mean I was making a doily for goodness sake!

This is the "I Love You Doily" from the Spring 2008 issue of Crochet! Magazine. It was kind of fun to work up and I actually liked mine better than the one in the magazine... maybe a first there :) There are supposedly hearts around the outside (between the pineapples), making it fit the theme of the title. I'm not sure I buy the heart idea, but its pretty regardless. This was part of the magazine's Mother's Day issue; one of the suggested gifts for a mom. Pretty fitting to give it to my mom, don't you think?

On a somewhat related note, I've finally discontinued my magazine subscriptions. Anything I want I can find online, or I can buy individual magazines if I really want a pattern. There are so many free patterns or independently published designs available online these days that its almost not worth having them on paper. I love that I can pick and choose, pay for the ones I like and print out the ones that need to be portable. Good for my budget - good for the environment :) I love sites like Ravelry and Etsy that bring designers right to you. If you haven't checked them out yet, they're a great source for inspiration!


  1. That is a beautiful doily! Your mother will love it. I have yet to do a doily but one day that will change. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Great doily. Your mom will totally love it. Dang I need to start trying to do a doily.:) great work.

  3. Oh dang I also wanted to invite you to a crochet board I have running. Take a look join if you like.


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