Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Second Set Syndrome

So you all may have heard of the Second Sock Syndrome (not wanting to finish/start the second sock after you make the first). I have Second Set Syndrome. I have almost finished the first of 2 mittens in my second set of Fiddleheads. I just can't motivate myself! I am almost forcing myself to sit down and knit to "get it over with". I love the pattern I'm using (substituted charts from this Ravelry page instead of the standard charts), I love the yarn, I still love to knit, but I'm just not into it. Part of the problem is that I just have a ton going on right now and I have this ridiculous cold that makes me want to sleep all the time. Like literally, I'm tired by noon (and I'm 98% certain its not mono, I can still function!). Anyway, I thought posting some pics on here might get me motivated to get the second one done.

All I have are photos of the outer shell of the first mitten. I'm about done with the lining of the first and I have the first third of the second mitten done as well. I REALLY want them done before I leave for India so that I don't have any pressure when I return!

And just for fun, here's a cute pic of my family on our trip to the Indiana Dunes on Labor Day. Aren't I a lucky woman??!


  1. Your kiddos are adorable! You're blessed indeed!

    Keep going on that can do it!! I can cheerlead for you, but I don't do pom poms. :)

  2. I got your comment and wanted to check out your blog, friend!

    I LOVE those mittens!!! How cute are those?? You might have to teach me how to knit sometime. And I didn't know you were going to India. I might have to inquire about that tonight...if you feel up to coming. :)


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