Friday, May 16, 2008

Short Sleeved Bolero

My Mother's Day gift to my mom this year was her choice of handmade items. I know its a lame way to get out of having to pick something myself, but my mom is hard to buy for! We talked a bit and she decided to go with a bolero style jacket. I emailed her a link to several that looked good to me and she picked the Short Sleeve Bolero by Lisa Gentry of Hook and Needle Designs.

The pattern was written as a side-to-side, starting from the left sleeve and working toward the right. This was the first time I had done this type of construction and really enjoyed only having 2 seams to sew when I was done! Its a good thing I did a gauge swatch because I had to go down two hook sizes to get the right gauge! I'm sure its mainly because I'm a very loose crocheter. The pattern was good, the fit was exact, but I made a few adjustments as the right and left side weren't exact mirror images. Maybe its the math-lover in me, but that just didn't seem right.... things must be symmetrical! So I "fixed" it so to speak. I also added my own little adjustments and seamed using a double crochet/space technique so the seam is virtually invisible and it adds a little breathing room. I really liked the edging on the piece... simple shells that really made the whole thing look elegant. I did, however, opt to leave off the gold thread that was supposed to go on the edging as I felt it was kind of gaudy (at least for the intended wearer!).

I couldn't find the yarn that was suggested in any of my local stores and I didn't want to wait for mail delivery or pay extra for rush shipping so I substituted Lion Brand Cotton Ease (cotton/acrylic mix). I really liked the feel of it, and hopefully it will make a long-lasting piece. It took me 3 skeins of the Cotton Ease to make a size L.

We took a weekend trip to Kings Island amusement park the day after I bought the yarn and I spent several hours each way working the pattern. That plus a few hours the next two days finished it up! Overall a quick and satisfying project :) I couldn't help but include this super cute pic of my kiddos enjoying our little getaway!


  1. The kiddos are adorable and look like they were having alot of fun!

    The bolero jacket is really cute! Its perfect for spring and those cooler summer nights.

  2. Your kids look like they are having a blast!
    I love the border on the borlero, too. I'm making a doily with lots of those types of shells. I think it turned out really pretty! I wonder how the yarn will hold up also. I've heard bad things about cottontots, but nothing about cotton-ease.


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