Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My Marky

I finished my very last auction custom order yesterday! It is Marky the Monkey from Forever T & M Crochet Patterns. I have loved this pattern for a long time, so I was so excited when someone wanted me to make one! Overall the pattern was good. I didn't understand the directions for attaching the muzzle for a long time, but when I did get it figured out it made much more sense. I think explaining it would be difficult no matter who wrote out the directions!

I used white and green at the request of the purchaser (my BIL who is a doctor - I think the colors are related to scrubs/white coat of a doctor, but I didn't ask: just a guess! *edit: nope, he just likes the color green... and monkeys*). I liked it in these colors, but the original dark green/light green was really nice. Its all done in worsted acrylic for machine washability, using a variety of brands, whatever seemed to be the right colors. You gotta love the hoodie - what a cute accessory!

I had a few issues with the pattern, but I think I realized something about it when I was done: I don't like using other people's patterns! I have "issues" with every pattern I use, it seems - maybe I'm the issue! I think I will keep my negative comments to myself from now on unless its a glaringly bad mistake that the author is not willing to correct.

This is what I hope will be done with the monkey when it reaches its intended little one... an ami just isn't worth anything if its not loved on!

Wow, clean toes! That's a rarity on my little one! Hehe, this is totally in here because I think its such a cute picture :)


  1. Love the monkey and he is such a great size! Your little one is adorable with cute toes. My DD loves being barefoot so clean feet only happen right after her shower.

  2. Cute! The hood is my favorite part, too. I would have thought that monkey was smaller if you hadn't gotten the pic with your daughter. The toes pic is so adorable!

  3. Oh how cute! I just love your monkey!

    That is the cutest thing!! The little hoodie is funny. And what great photos (I wanna nibble on those toes!)

  5. I just bought this pattern for my Mom...she loves this little guy too! Thanks for having him on your blog, I would have never known about him!


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