Monday, May 12, 2008

Knitting... Like, For Real!

So I am an admittedly not great knitter. I can do an ok stockinette stitch or ribbing and sometimes some cables, but add any "tricks" and I'm usually lost. I was getting tired of crocheting (yes, it does happen every once in a blue moon) but still wanted that relaxation of yarn running through my fingers. So I picked up my needles and a pattern for a cute butterfly wash cloth and started at it. After frogging the first attempt due to several glaring mistakes and it being WAY too loose I started over and got an approximation of what its supposed to look like. Not perfect, but good enough to add to another baby gift. This one for a girl.

I was having so much fun and wanted to do some cables, so I just started stitching and came up with this lovely little cabled washcloth for the set as well.


  1. Nice! That pattern is very pretty with the yo, k2togs. I also get tired of crocheting and try knitting. I suspect crocheting will always be my main sqeeze, though. Great job on the washcloth. Perfect for a little girl!

  2. I am SO jealous of knitters and all of your beautiful cables!!! Fantastic washcloth...


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