Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I'm Sensing a Theme...

It seems like I've been making a lot of cowboy-related items lately. I realize its my fault; it all started with the super cute baby cowboy hat that I just had to make, followed shortly by the baby cowboy booties to match. But the latest two are not my fault! These were custom orders from the auction.

The first is a hat using the Yeehaw Lady pattern from SnB Crochet, but made in a manly brown acryllic instead of red cotton at the request of the purchaser. I was not thrilled with the pattern, and had to adjust it several times before I got a look I was satisfied with. Even after taking a gauge and having to go down several hook sizes, the thing was still a little large. I had to take out one row of the "hat band", and the hat still seemed kind of tall. If I make this pattern again I will be making some major adjustments. I did like the fact that the pattern calls for floral wire to be crocheted into the brim of the hat. It definitely helps the look of the hat and keeps the brim nicely shaped. I used 10 gauge black aluminum floral wire singled instead of thinnner wire doubled like the pattern calls for. It is completely hidden behind the doubled strand of yarn, and hopefully will be weather proof since its coated aluminum. I left off the reverse hdc on the brim as I felt it made the hat even bulkier than it already is. I mean this bad boy has like 9+ oz of worsted weight acryllic in it... it needed no extra bulk!

These photos are admittedly bad. Last night I realized that I was going to have my husband deliver the hat this morning and I hadn't taken any pictures of it! So the photos were taken in the waining daylight, which evidently wasn't good enough for photographing the dark color of the hat. I'll try to update with a photo or two of the recipient sporting his new style when I see him next!

The next item is "Clover the Cow". A friend chose this custom order as a baby gift for her soon to be nephew. His dad used to raise cows - you get the idea. I gave my friend a few cow patterns to look at and she chose two: one each if the baby was a girl or a boy. When they found out the baby was going to be a boy I was getting ready to buy the boyish pattern, but then I thought... surely I can make a cow without a pattern. So I started in and got done with the head and limbs very quickly. As you probably know, the face/head is the most difficult and defining part of an ami, and it took me quite a while to complete. I drew some inspiration from other cow patterns out there and looking at the stuffed animals my kids have collected over the years. It may not be my best work ever, but it is at least as good as the pattern i was willing to pay for, and it was a good challenge!


  1. Nice cowboy hat! Maybe this is asign you'll move to Texas one day. I LOVE the cow. He's SO cute!

  2. That cow is so adorable! I like the last picture with the little tail. The first time I saw the baby cowboy hat I thought it was the SnB one. Glad to see the adult version!


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