Thursday, March 4, 2010

Macbook Case

I recently acquired a Macbook.  Our desktop had given us great service (we had the thing about 7 years and it wasn't new when it was given to us!) but we really needed something with more memory and processing power in order to continue to function.  Anyway, to keep a long story short we decided to replace our desktop with a laptop and decided a Macbook was the best fit.  Since my husband already has a laptop for his music recording, this one is sorta "mine".  Its not mine really, but I'm certainly the one who uses it most.  Matt even let me buy a decal to put on it :)  I decided this week that if I'm ever going to take the Macbook out of the house (part of the point of a laptop, right?!) that it needed a little case so my cute decal wouldn't get ruined.

I used some scraps I had laying around - an old pink curtain, and a cotton print from baby blankets and came up with this:

I lined the inside with the minky to avoid scratches.  I made a large pocket on the inside from the minky that is big enough to hold a couple of books* or the power cord.



The embroidered flower on the front is from an old shirt I loved that shrank an indecent amount vertically over the years and was no longer suitable for wearing... by anyone.

And then I put on a cute button and closed it up with some matching hair bands.  They are stretchy enough to hold it closed when the interior pocked is full or empty.  I also put them on in a way that makes it easy to remove them and replace them if they start to wear out.

*The books in this photo are my pocket bible and Not For Sale.  I am starting a bible study with some friends based on this book tonight, and it is a book I would HIGHLY recommend it.... though the subject matter is not easy.  It is an expose on slavery (of all kinds) and forced labor that still exists in our world today.  Wanna know the truth?  Then read this book.


  1. Ok, you have to stop being so cute. It's not enough that you craftily made the cutest computer case EVER, but even your new laptop is adorable. HOW DO YOU DO IT?!?!?

  2. ummm that's quite a compliment :) I get all my inspiration from what others have done...

  3. I love your "case" for your computer! I've been doing several smaller projects - a hook holder, scissors case and a few others - but I love how clean and finished your case is! Wonderful!

    And thanks for the suggestion of the book. I may have to check it out!

  4. Oh that is so pretty! I adore the applique flower on the front. Great way to upcycle a shirt that you love. I've never tried Minky yet. It looks soo soft!

  5. oh it is so cute friend! you are so talented!! :)

    love you!


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