Friday, November 13, 2009

Twin Blankets

A friend commissioned me to make 2 more baby quilts for her dear friend who is expecting twin girls in January.  This time I FINALLY figured out how to do that silky blanket binding without it slipping all around and getting bunchy.  This was a major accomplishment for me - it only took making 4 blankets to get it right!  She wanted pink and brown, but she didn't want the blankets to be identical.

Using the pink and brown color scheme, I made these two blankets with the same pattern, but opposite colors.  I used the same pink and brown butterfly fabric to tie them together.  Backed with the softest minky fabric, I hope these blankets will be treasured for years by their soon-to-be owners!


  1. Oooh, those are sooo pretty! I love the silky binding and the minky fabric in back looks so soft. I'm sure the twins will treasure them!

  2. Andrea...I love them so much I almost don't want to send them to her. HAHAHAHHA!!! Maybe one of these days I'll beg and beg you to make a really big one for ME! LOL. ;)

    Thank you so much for putting so much creativity and care into these. They're beautiful!!! :)

    Love ya!


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