Thursday, March 25, 2010

Knock Offs

I love Matilda Jane clothes.  They are boutique-style clothes that can only be bought from a private seller at "Trunk Shows" (home parties kind of like Pampered Chef for clothes).  The colors and styles are so trendy and cute, and I'm always tempted to get things for my daughter.  The problem is that when I see them I realize I could totally make clothes just like that if I took the time and had the right materials.  The other day I decided its finally time to try.  Anna's birthday is in a few months and I figured I would do my best to make her a few things and if I just completely fail, then I'll order some at the next Trunk Show I know about in June.  We hit JoAnn's yesterday afternoon and picked up some fabric and I set to snipping and sewing.



Today I finished up the first item: a pair of super soft, super comfy ruffly capris based on the Big Ruffle style of MJ pants.  The adult version has a cute button on the side of the leg that I decided to copy for my version.  I think it gives it the touch of sophistication and a little extra "something" I was looking for :)

We have a set of fabrics that I'll be making into a dress similar to the Sara Dress.  The olive fabric is the same knit used in the pants so they'll be a set or will be able to be used separate!

I'll post pics of the finished product when I finally get it done :)

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  1. Ooh that is so cute! I love the color. It screams springtime. Looks like the sewing bug hit you too!


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