Friday, February 5, 2010


Its almost time for Valentines day!  I decided to try my hand at making shirts for the kids to wear to school this year.
Now making a V-day shirt for a 6 yr old boy is not easy.  Eli and I scoured the web for cute ideas that weren't girly and came across a darling shirt on Etsy.  With that as our inspiration we designed a robot together and when Eli got on the bus Anna and I headed to the store to get materials.  That was probably the most time consuming part of the whole project!  Once we were home it went together quite fast :)

I used felt for the components of the applique and secured the pieces together with Steam-A-Seam2 (sheets of fusible webbing).  It holds on tight, and hopefully will last through washing.  I'm not going to try that until AFTER the holiday though.  If it only lasts for one season I guess that's ok, but I made it large enough that he should be able to wear it again next year!  I may still add some gray "claw" hands to the robot... it doesn't seem quite finished to me.

It was WAY easier to make anna's shirt.  I saw this shirt a week ago or so and just knew I had to do something like it for my little one.  I don't do embroidery just yet (though I'm dying to learn!) so we opted for an iron-on applique in place of the embroidery.  While she's not the girliest girl out there, Anna child loves sparkle!  We found this super cute sparkly applique for the front of her shirt.

Then we picked out some sparkly coordinating fabric for her wings and... voila! I free-handed a quick wing pattern.  I taped the pattern to the fabric, cut it out, and again I used the Steam-A-Seam2 to stick the fabric together (wrong sides together).  I did a quick stitching around the wing to accent the shape and to be certain the layers wouldn't separate (I don't think they will anyway, but just making it less likely!).  Then I stitched the center part to the shirt and was done!

Now to figure out what we're going to do with the leftover wing fabric.  I'm thinking accented jeans or maybe a skirt....


  1. Super cute Andrea! You are such a good mom!

  2. The shirts are adorable!! I love them. Definitely try embroidery. I've been playing around with it and I love it. Its relaxing, fast, and cheap to get started. I highly recommend the books by Jenny Hart. Check out her stuff at She's got amazing patterns and very easy "how-to's."

  3. A-DOR-A-BLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    GREAT job girlie!!! :)



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