Sunday, February 7, 2010


Newborn baby hats are so much fun!  You can do tons of variety in style and craft and always come up with something unique.  Here are two examples of using the exact same yarn, exact same colors, but with different crafts and different patterns.  For each of these I used Hobby Lobby's "I Love This Cotton" yarn in chocolate brown and blue
First, I got another request for a Monkey Earflap hat, but this one for a boy.  No flower this time!  This crocheted hat works up pretty fast, and as you can see is just as cute for a boy as for a girl!

I also got another photography prop request from my friend Loree of Loree Alayne Photography (she's amazing, seriously, check out her site!).  She wanted a long stocking cap for her baby photography, so I knit up this hat late this week for her.  I simply love the way it turned out and hope to make some more of these!  I am already imagining all of the color combinations that would look good on this hat!


  1. Both hats are great! The stocking cap is especially adorable!

  2. Love it!!! Can't wait to try it out next month. Great work as always =)


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