Monday, February 8, 2010


I think I get a few more requests for baby girl items than baby boy ones.  Not sure if that's because more people I know are having girls, or if people are just more interested in getting creative, cute gifts for baby girls.  Regardless the reason, I love making girly gifts!
This weekend I had two baby showers to attend, both for baby girls!  I decided I would give the things I used the most the first few weeks with my kids - diapers and burpcloths.  Each gift had a pack of size 2 diapers, a set of 3 burpcloths, and something cute just for fun.

My neighbor's shower was first.  You'll probably recognize this set from a post this summer, I've been saving the little blue bird for just the right recipient.  I loved that it was girly without being all pink.  My neighbor can easily remove the flower and use this for a baby boy if she has one down the road. (Not shown are the other two matching burp cloths.  I tried taking pics of them, but they were no where near as good as the photos I took this summer... sun, come back!)

The other set I made was for the same family who purchased the kangaroo.  This time it was all about the pink! 


I couldn't resist the matching pink super chunky yarn, so a hat was born.


The yarn is so thick that the hat can completely stand up on its own!

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  1. The parents to be are going to be thrilled! The bird is adorable. I love the burp cloths too and that hat is so precious! Super cute!


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