Friday, February 12, 2010

More V-day Pics!

Today was the kids' actual Valentine's Day parties.  After posting pics of their outfits I decided Eli's robot just didn't look finished to me.  We added on some "claw" hands and a mouth and it was just the finishing touches I was wishing were there :)  Here's a side-by-side comparison.

He was so excited to wear it today and was showing it off to anyone who would look!

Anna's shirt was cute, but I had a little of the fabric leftover and wanted to make some coordinating bottoms.  She had this old pair of jeans that matched perfectly except she had worn holes in the knees and the legs were just a smidge too short.  Anna is super tall for her age, so even though these are size 5 they're already too short.  I took some extra fabric and the Steam-A-Seam2 and ironed patches on the inside of the knees.

Then I added a little ruffle of the fabric at the base of each leg to add on the extra length she needed.  I think these will be just long enough to be useful into the summer, and if we're lucky into next fall as well!

The whole outfit turned out just right.  There is something deeply satisfying about making things for my kids!

Anna also was super excited to put on her outfit and show it off at school!  (the floor was cold, and Anna refused to have her pic taken on it unless she had something to stand on)

Unrelated, here are some photos of how beautiful it was outside this morning.  It had been warm yesterday - warm enough that our snow started melting.  Well early this morning it started getting cold, and there was fog everywhere.  The water in the air started condensing on the trees in these amazing ice crystal formations!  It literally looked like snowflakes or feathers were growing on the trees (the last two pics are worth clicking on and looking at up-close.  Seriously beautiful!) 




Unfortunately I had an eye doctor appointment this morning and missed my chance to take pictures once the sun came out.  It was gorgeous to see all the trees shimmering in the sunlight.  By the time I got home all of the ice crystals had melted away :(

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  1. The shirts look great! I love the finishing touch on the robot. It does make it look way more complete. The jeans are adorable!


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