Friday, February 22, 2008

Kitchen Scrubbie - Free Pattern

**This is a re-try of this pattern. I didn't write it out as I was making it, and wrote it out of my memory - which unfortunately isn't very good. I will try making another one of these and see if I think the pattern is right or not!

Here's the scrubbie I made up for some friends' wedding gift. Keep in mind, I haven't tried this out to see how well it actually works as a scrubber, it just looks great! I have no claim that this works for any good! I really need to try this out at home, but I've just got too much else going on right now.


Small amount of worsted weight cotton
US Size J hook
tapestry needle

Foundation Round:
Chain 2, work 6 dc in second chain from hook, join last dc to first dc with slip stitch to form a circle.

Round 1: Working in back loops only, *chain 10, make sc in next st, ch 10, make sc in same st, ch 10, make sc in next st, repeat from * 5 more times, joining last sc with a slip stitch to base of first ch 10. [18 chain-10 loops made]

Round 2: Ch 8, turn. Working in un-worked loops of foundation row, *chain 8, make sc in next st, ch8, make sc in same st, ch 8, make sc in next st, repeat from * 5 more times, joining last sc with a slip stitch to base of first ch 8. [18 chain-8 loops made]

Pull yarn and hook to "back" side, where the chain-6 loop side is the "front" side. Insert hook into sc at base of ch8 loop on opposite side of the circle, yo and draw through loop on hook. repeat this procedure to close up "hole" created on the backside. Chain 12, work sc in 5th chain from hook and in each ch to the base of the scrubber. Finish off and sew in ends

**Feel free to use this pattern for personal use or profit, please just credit me with my name and web address if you post the pattern elsewhere!**


  1. Thanks for the pattern! It looks store bought!

  2. Love it! I will definitely like to try this.

  3. YEA! Thank You :)

  4. This would actually work really well as a shower poof, too! Simply hang dry, and throw it in with the towels to wash! Thanks for the pattern!


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