Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Kiss the Hook!

I recently participated in the Crochetville Kitchen Swap for '08. I had so much fun creating small cotton kitchen items for my swap partner - trying to match what I could make with what she liked. My partner gave me a lot of great input in things she was interested in and here's what I came up with*:

The apron says: Kiss the (C)Hook
and yes, that is a crocheted lip print and a tiny crochet hook...
I about died having to wait to post this until my swap partner received this in the mail!
Trust me, if you crochet, this is funny - Apparently if you don't, its not!

Dishcloths (Hexagonal, Wavy and Woven)

Potholders/Trivets (Starburst, Flower)

Oven Mitt

Jewelry holder (for when doing dishes) and spiral scrubbie

Towel Topper

*Note: Many of these come from patterns I found online, but I take full credit for the apron, two of the dishcloths, and the towel topper!

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  1. Cute apron! I live how everything matches. The blue and brown colors are really nice together. I just made the Starburst hotpad also. Isn't it an interesting pattern? I want to make another already but don't really feel like weaving in a bunch of ends. The star hotpad next to the starburst is really neat. I've never made one with overlaps like that. Thanks for the Tunisian dishcloth pattern link. It's on my queue!


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