Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Blog Review - Crafty Christina

Christina (known as Crafty Christina or CrisKad online) presents a blog that is a mix of life-experience and her obvious passion: crochet. Her 13 years of experience has produced some excellent free patterns that she has graciously shared with her adoring public.

Christina gives you lots of insight into her life and heart through her posts. While crochet does dominate the site, she isn't afraid to share her forays into other pursuits, like baking (just looking at her brownies had my mouth watering!). It is easy to see Christina's giving nature as 99% of the items she shows are ones she gifts to family, friends, or even strangers (if you can call another crocheter a stranger?!).

Crafty Christina is also a place to lighten your heart. Interspersed in all of her posts is Christina's witty writing that will keep you chuckling, and wondering, "why can't I be that clever"... or maybe that's just me :)

Here's Christina's email interview:

How long have you been crocheting?
About 13 years now! When I was 12, my twin sisters were born pre-mature. They were gifted beautiful crochet preemie blankets, which is where my interest stems from. I remember looking at and feeling those blankets with amazement because I knew someone had made them by hand. About two years later, I finally decided it was time to learn. I took out lots of books from the library and mostly self-taught myself how to crochet.

What's the project you're most proud of?
I'm most proud of a top down raglan sweater I made for my daughter. I haven't made many wearables that aren't for babies and without a pattern! I winged this one and really love the way it turned out.

What's your favorite thing about crochet?
My favorite thing about crochet is the relaxing effect it has on me. I crochet on the subway to and from work. After a long day, that 45 minutes of crochet eases my mind and body before getting home. Its a total stress-buster!

What do you enjoy working on the most?
My new obsession is ami toys! I love that they're fast, easy, and cute. They're not just for kids either. I know lots of adults that love them too.

What is interesting about you besides crochet?
I have six toes on one foot. Just kidding! An interesting thing about me is that I'm a psychology nut. I've got my degree in forensic psychology even though I'm not working in the field right now. Psychology is incredible interesting and never ever boring. *taps glasses* Who wants to be analyzed next? :)

Many thanks to Christina for her participation in the review!


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