Thursday, July 1, 2010


Ok, so my grand plans of getting a review of my new wok and a tutorial on bi bim bap on here have been hijacked!  I had some family issues come up last week, and although I've had a chance to use my wok it has only been twice and rushed both times.  I will be home all weekend this weekend and hope to get a tutorial and review posted at the end of that time :) 

I just wanted to take a moment and share a little about how this review came about.  **NOTE:  CSN stores did NOT ask me to share this, I felt I should because I want to be open with anyone who might read this blog!  I got contacted by CSN stores to see if I wanted to do a review or giveaway on my site.  I'm guessing they found my blog by looking at google hits or something as they don't specialize in craft items.  Anyway, the first thing I did is ask about their corporate responsibility (how do they spend their money, where do they get their items, are any of their products manufactured in illegal ways - forced labor, child labor and the like).  I determined that I WOULD NOT support or promote an online store that I couldn't be confident lived up to the standards that I require when I make my own purchases.  The person from CSN stores who had contacted me was kind enough to share some links about their corporate philosophy and their philanthropic giving.   It seems, from what I could tell from the links, that CSN stores is a company based in the northeast US that has gone from a small company to a rather extensive one quickly, but that the company still sees themselves as a local company with a focus on serving their local and global community.  They also have an A+ rating by the BBB, which was encouraging to me!  I also googled CSN store's corporate responsibility and was not able to find any mention of them engaging in questionable practices in regard to their purchasing or sourcing of their wares.  After all of that I felt confident I could provide a review on my site for them and be confident of what I was promoting!  This blog is not going to become another spot that you are attacked by advertising, but I actually thought it was cool to have the opportunity to support a US based company with a good corporate philosophy.  So, if you're interested, look out for a review of my new wok and my favorite recipe sometime next week.  Then we will be back to our regularly scheduled programming (once my life slows down a bit - I thought summer was supposed to be relaxing!)

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