Monday, June 14, 2010

Cooking is a craft, right?!

 This summer is keeping me pretty busy, and I feel like I've not been doing a lot of crafting.  I do get a few things done here or there, but for the most part I'm hanging with the kids, cleaning the house, preparing meals, hitting the pool, prepping for vacation and birthdays and trying to get my figure in shape!  Then again, if you consider cooking a craft, I've been crafting up a storm!  I have the desire to learn how to cook several Korean dishes before we go to pick up our son this fall, and thanks to CSN stores, I will have a little easier time!  I will be getting a new Wok from CSN's store, and will be posting a review of it here along with a tutorial for making my very favorite Korean dish, Bi Bim Bap.  In the mean time, check out to see the variety of items you can get, from twine to twin beds they've got pretty much everything you could want for your home!


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