Sunday, November 1, 2009

Simply Divine

Saturday afternoon, between a fundraiser for our neighbor with leukemia and the traditional trick-or-treating I was able to squeeze a couple hours of crocheting in.  I realized that my winter gear was severely lacking (as in I have about 30 scarves and no hats or gloves) and decided it was time to break down and make something.  Central Indiana can be frigid mid-winter, and I'm notorious for not drying my hair before I go out, so a hat is an absolute must!  I used the Divine Hat pattern, which has been a favorite of mine.  Its simple, quick, stylish, and super warm (and it matches my scarf - bonus!).

After seeing mine Anna decided that she wanted one too, so today after church we picked out the colors (the multi-colored and orange yarns are leftover from the Fiddlehead Mittens I made last year).  She requested a little flower for hers.  She really wanted to wear that flower right up front "like a soldier" (her words, not mine), but I convinced her to wear it on the side for me for at least one or two shots.  We took a walk around the neighborhood this afternoon looking for a place to take some pics of her new hat, and Anna took the shots of me above - not bad for 4 years old!

If you're interested in the changes to the pattern, check out the details on my Ravelry page


  1. You look so cute in hats! You were stylin' at church today! So hip and cool! :-)

  2. Both hats look great! The divine hat pattern is one of my fav hat patterns ever. I've made soooo many of them. It looks much better on you hair is just too puffy.

    I think I need photography lessons from your little girl!

  3. GORGEOUS hats!!!!! :) (oh...and GORGEOUS Anna too!!!)


  4. hey...I just that a little tiny ghost in Anna's hand? lol

  5. yes, Anne, that's a tiny ghost. Anna's always carrying around something small :)


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