Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Marky (Take Two)

I made another version of the Marky the Monkey, this time for a girl. While I love the way this pattern looks in the end, I find the face rather fiddly to get right. I am very particular about things being symmetrical, and if I follow the pattern the way it is written then the pattern is not symmetrical. Oh well, I got it done and I love it in the end :)

I did the eyes in felt to make it extra baby safe and added some eyelashes a cute little flower to accent the girlie-ness!


  1. Micah and I love her! We look at the picture of Marky II every once in a while to brighten our days. :) We can't wait for Marky to meet Miss Bell! :) peace.

  2. oh my word...CUTE CUTE CUTE!!!! truly are one talented chick!!! way to go!


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