Monday, February 9, 2009

Monster Cup

Ok, I've been dreading this post because I will finally have to admit how geeky I am. I have had a fear all my life of being "the geek". Here are some examples of what I'm fighting against: I was never good at sports and mostly liked to sit around reading fangasy novels (geeky). I wear glasses (geeky). I push them up with my index finger when they slip down my nose (geeky). My undergrad is in chemistry (geeky). I asked for a palm pilot for my one year dating anniversary (geeky). I married a computer programmer (geeky). I spend most of my free time playing with yarn, the sewing machine, or other various crafts (geeky). If I'm not crafting I'm playing board games. Well, that's not so geeky, or at least it wasn't...

My husband recently introduced me to a new game, Arkham Horror. I initially refused to play it because it is a role playing game (or RPG for you gamers out there), and I just plain refused to add the final straw to the camel's back and forever plunge myself into geekdom. However, one night, to humor my husband, I played a round with him. It was fun. I didn't admit it. But the next time he suggested the game, I didn't say no. Then it was fun and I admitted it. The next time, I suggested playing the game. Finally this weekend we played with a friend. The next night we played again, and my husband pointed out "we're officially geeks". Say it aint so! I say all this tongue in cheek, as I still don't consider myself a geek. What qualifies as geeky behavior changes as you age. I consider myself trendy and in touch with my artsy side ;)

Now, to relate this all back to fiber arts: I made this bag to hold some pieces of the game (monsters). Aparently people use a cup to draw the pieces from in a typical game so its called a "monster cup". Mine's just a drawstring bag.

I used a silk/wool blend (Tahki Yarns Chelsea Silk, shade 180) that was given to me by another blogger friend. I did a sc spiral for the bottom and knit in the round for the body. The top has a k1, p1 rib to bring the bag in and a few holes worked in to accomodate a crochet chain drawstring. I was really satisfied with the way it turned out. It works great and was a fun little project to use up some yarn I just didn't know what to do with, but just had to use! The yarn is really beautiful and I would most defnitely consider using it again in the future for a larger project, but it apparently is no longer made. Bummer!


  1. "The yarn is really beautiful and I would most defnitely consider using it again in the future for a larger project, but it apparently is no longer made. Bummer!"

    I guess that would make this monster cup a "unique item." Ha ha!

    That's a little Arkham Horror humor for y'all. And by the way, this is not technically an RPG. It's still just a board game, based on an RPG.

  2. As I've gotten older (aka out of high school) I've learned that its actually chic to be a geeky adult. Ebrace the geekdom! The bag is a great idea.

  3. I think you and your hubby are too cute! That is so neat you have something fun to do together. Happy Valentines day!


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