Friday, June 6, 2008

Doily Days

I am most certainly not a huge fan of thread crochet. It has its advantages that you can make very intricate and ornate items, but most days I am not up for that kind of thing. However, a neighbor asked me to make a few doilies for her living room to use as coasters to match her decor. Since it was a paying gig, and she's a friend of mine, I did it anyway!

Most of the free patterns I came across were quite large, so I just used the first few rows to make them coaster sized.

Rounds 1-6 of this pattern using specified materials

Rounds 1-7 of this pattern using No 10 crochet cotton and a size 7 hook

These first two are from patterns I found online, and the last is my own creation. Some lovely ladies from the 'Ville are testing the pattern for this, at which point I'll be posting it on here, C'Ville and Ravelry as a free pattern.

Pattern here

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  1. Pretty doilies! I like the clor of that thread, too. I think designing doilies is very impresssive. I realy like what you did with the border of yours!


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