Friday, January 27, 2012

Things You Didn't Know

If you've been following this blog long you've probably learned a few things about me.  I love photography, I love nature, I have cute kids, I (obviously) love to craft.  But what about those things about me that you don't find out through regular posting? Here's 10 things you probably didn't know about me:

1.  I'm a grouch most days before 10 am.  Coffee helps significantly.
2.  In the winter I wear my red fuzzy bathrobe approximately 50% of the day, even when I've gotten ready and dressed.
3.  I could live on pizza.  I would be a lot fatter, but I'd be happy
4.  I can make my tongue into the shape of a clover (like this)
5.  I have asked for and received both of the Lego Harry Potter Wii games the last two Christmases.  Most of the time I prefer to play them alone.
6.  Spiders really freak me out.
7.  I'm super sensitive.  I'm not easy to offend exactly, I just care a lot about what others think of me (working on this one).
8.  I wait till my kids go to bed to eat junk food if I don't feel like sharing
9.  I still sleep with a stuffed animal (its a comfort thing - like some people hold a pillow, I hold a dog)
10.  I watch Sliders, or other similarly dorky shows, while I knit and crochet.

So now you know.  Aren't you glad?

Oh, and just for fun here's a quick pic from a recent photo session with my awesome husband.  I love that guy.


  1. *I* didn't even know half of that stuff. lol

  2. These are really cool tidbits for getting to know you! Awesome pic of you and your hubby!


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