Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Its Coming!

Spring is coming.  Its truly on its way.  I can see it in the grass that is slowly getting greener, the CRAZY intense thunderstorms that come and wash away the last bits of snow, and the bright colors that are making their way out of  my closet and back into rotation.

I love accessorizing my wardrobe with handmade goods year round, but hadn't really found a great spring hat just yet.  I was asked this week to make a matching mommy/daughter set of Sweet Traditions hats and after finishing up the adult one I think I may have found the solution!  I think I'll be whipping up one of these for myself this year :)


  1. Love the hat on you! Spring still feels a long way away here. Still so cold! But, the days are longer which makes me giddy!

  2. Hi. I can’t wait for the spring to reallt kick in too. I mean, we already have like 50 degrees here, but I hope for more.


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