Monday, January 10, 2011

Spring Line 2011

My sweet friend, Jill from Raindancer Studios took some pics of the newest items  for spring.  She is such a talented photographer that she was able to capture the beauty of the stitch pattern in each of the items in a way I'm just never able to!

free pattern here

free pattern here

In an effort to be proactive I've decided to start listing specifically items that people might be interested in the coming season, starting with spring.  You will find a link at the top of this page for the Spring Line 2011.   What this really is is just a taste of items that might be interesting to you in that season.  I also have put together a small newsletter that contains a limited selection of these items and some news on deals for this spring as well.  Check out the Spring Line and the newsletter for more info :)

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  1. I love crocheting the 1st/2nd hat in your photos! I got my pattern from the Dainty Daisy blog. Is that the same one?? Just curious!


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