Thursday, August 12, 2010

Shirt to Dress Makeover

Today I turned this women's 2X shirt (found at a garage sale for $1!)

Into this girl's dress

Definitely had to sport the crossed straps.  Much easier to keep on my squirmy 5 yr old's thin shoulders.  Although you can't see it, they need a bit of tightening up.  That's what I get for trying to measure the straps on her instead of using a measuring tape!

Oh she's so sweet :)

Ok, now I officially am a slacker mom to my son.  I gotta figure out some boy crafts to do!


  1. It looks great! Way to recycle!

  2. Ah, crossing is the trick. I had my mom put straps on a "Trendy Sisters" skirt to make it a shirt, but the straps keep falling off her shoulders making her look like a fluzy.

  3. What a great find and a great way to utilize it!!


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