Thursday, January 7, 2010

Feza Scarf

One project I completed in the last few months I simply couldn't blog about because it was a Christmas present!  My mom and I went to a local alpaca farm/yarn store early this fall and my mom picked up this amazing Feza yarn that just so happened to be my sister's favorite colors. 
stash yarn photo from firetwirler526's Flickr page

The ladies at the yarn shop were kind enough to wind it in a ball for me (I don't have a ball winder or swift!) as it apparently is very difficult to do.  While they were winding it I took my daughter and nephew out to visit the alpacas.  They enjoyed looking at the animals, but quickly realized "they stink!"  Its true.  Alpacas stink.  But it was fun to see one in person :)  Silly me forgot my camera.  I was bummed about that!

My mom asked me to make a scarf for Christmas for my sister out of her new yarn purchase.  While the yarn looked great on the shelf, it wasn't easy to decide what to do with it scarf-wise.  We browsed Ravelry and came up with this pattern.  I loved working with the yarn because I got to work with a different texture every 6 rows or so and my sister loved the scarf!  I wasn't able to get great photos before Christmas, but I got a few ok ones; winter lighting is tough, either too bright or too dark most of the time.

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  1. The scarf is gorgeous and the yarn is so unique! I love it.

    I've never seen an alpaca in person. Maybe one day!


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