Monday, August 10, 2009

Garden Explosion!

A few weeks back, my garden began to push up against the fence, and then it decided it could no longer be contained. It went from this:

to this:

in a matter of so many months.

My sugar snap pea crop is almost done, and the green beans have petered out. Now we're right in the thick of tomato season, and boy are we pulling in a harvest! I think I pick about a pint of "jellybean" tomatoes every other day or so. Imagine the sweetest, fleshy tomato you can get, just the right size to pop in your mouth. mmmm we're eating good around here! And they just won't stop! I see new tomatoes and new blooms every day. These are definitely on my list to plant next year.

There's a bit of broccoli, but I've learned that broccoli is not a hot summer kinda plant - looks like I should have planted and harvested in the early spring. I am getting tiny heads though, just enough to enjoy alongside a ham sandwich while sipping lemonade on the back porch.

And today I finally harvested my first cantaloupe! These suckers are the gargantuan vines you see forcing their way through the fence. They are good escape artists, and one is actually successfully growing outside the garden! They are still producing babies too, which means we'll be eating cantaloupe for a while.


  1. Your garden looks great! I'm jealous of your peas and melons (and the tomatoes, since I've yet to have a red one)! I have an abundance of cucumbers- want any?

  2. Can I invite myself over to eat? Looks good!

  3. Awesome! How awesome is it to eat right out of your own garden?! Great job! :-)


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